1. Core Concepts of Intercultural Communication (Aschaffenburg)
  2. Cultural Value Dimensions (Bratislava)
  3. Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence (Bratislava) [chapter] [theory] [practice]
  4. Affective and Cognitive Filters (Bratislava)
  5. Interpersonal Communication (Seamk)
  6. Mindful Intercultural Verbal Communication (Seamk) [chapter] [practice]
  7. Mindful Intercultural Non-Verbal Communication (Seamk)
  8. Negotiations and Relationships (Debrecen) [chapter] [practice]
  9. Intercultural Meetings and Negotiations (Debrecen) [chapter] [practice]
  10. Identity Negotiation Perspective (Debrecen) [chapter] [practice]
  1. Leadership Theories Across Cultures (Varna) [chapter] [practice]
  2. Global Leadership and Global Mindset (Seamk)
  3. Leading Global Teams (Katowice, Savoie) [chapter]