Dear colleague,

we are happy to welcome you to use Prominence online learning environment! The online environment was developed in an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project involving professionals from seven European institutions of higher education. The following will introduce the main didactic idea of the environment as well as the core elements each topic section is built on. We hope you and your students will enjoy and develop your skills within the framework of intercultural communication and leadership.

The environment is suited for independent study, to be used as a course / module on its own or to supplement certain parts or elements of existing courses. The levels of study may range from secondary to tertiary education, provided the learner has an adequate command of the English language.

As we have included three main elements in the environment, you are free to use them in any way you please. However, below are some didactic suggestions we developed, being lecturers ourselves.

The canva-based set of slides would complement lectures about the given topics. You are free to use the ready-made slides created by professionals dealing with such topics in their line of teaching. You might find them quite useful to support your lectures, used a set of slides or just certain parts.
The main target groups we have designed and developed the environment are students, university staff, professionals employed by companies and organisations – basically anyone interested in developing intercultural awareness and communication skills.

Each topic section includes the following elements:

  1. a short introduction of the topic and presentation of the main concepts read the study guide
  2. a body section where the topics are discussed and at the end of each sub section there will be a thinking task given to the learner
  3. ending section of the topic where the learner may test his/her knowledge with the help of an interactive quiz or, alternatively, a learning task

Depending on the function and purpose of the learning environment, you may consider the following tips to conduct assessment.

  • study tasks and short quizzes in each section may be used to test the knowledge of the students or to help them prepare for an exam / test provided by your home institution
  • a set of questions aimed at helping the learner reflect and self-assess their development; we strongly recommend the use of a learning diary as a means of assessment, if required
  • an interactive pool of questions forming a final quiz the learner may take upon completing all chapters and topics. The environment will provide a score and some feedback for the learner

Dear Instructor,

Please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari for optimal browsing and viewing of Prominence Interactive content. Other browsers may not be completely compatible.

Study task or Quiz

Each topic section ends with either an interactive quiz or a study task.

The learner may test his/her knowledge of the topic by taking some interactive quiz questions at the end of each section. There will be three to five multiple choice interactive questions focusing on the core concepts of each topic.

The study task is designed to make the learner think and apply the core concepts of each section.

Find out more

We provide each learner with a useful selection of further reading and of course a link to the ebook and / or canva-material.


It is important to understand your own actions and to be able to assess the process of learning and developing. With the help of the following questions you can assess your own learning process and make plans for the next steps. As you can see, you may choose to print out your self-assessment or save it onto your own gadget or device. We offer you two possibilities to benefit from the questions: ( two links => two separate sets of questions)

  1. You can do self-assessment upon completing a topic section. In this case you will consider the following questions.
    • What did you want to learn / develop in this section? Did you reach your target?
    • What was good / beneficial / educational?
    • What was difficult / challenging?
    • What will you learn / develop next?
  2. You can do self-assessment upon completing all topics in the learning environment.
    • Do you have any personal experiences about any of the topics?
    • Did you ever receive any feedback about your intercultural communication skills?
    • What did you want to learn / develop in this environment? Did you reach your target?
    • What was good / beneficial / educational?
    • What was difficult / challenging?
    • What will you learn / develop next?

Interactive quiz

Here is an interactive pool of questions covering the whole environment. The questions are based on both the interactive online modules as well as the ebook, so make sure you are familiar with both.
As you take the quiz, it will provide you some feedback, score your answers and do the timing. The feedback and the score page is printable and you can also save it on your computer/cloud.
If the quiz is part of a course / module, your teacher will let you know about any details concerning the quiz result.
Good luck!